About the brand: LIV+LINN

Why would you want plastic in your detergent?! LIV+LINN were surprised. They simply think plastic doesn't belong in your laundry, it gets just as clean without it and smells just as fresh. LIV+LINN also questioned the XXL containers that you always have to drag along and find a place for at home. Can't they be a little more compact? And how much detergent is actually enough? Surely there must be an answer to that as well.

With LIV+LINN laundry detergent, these problems are a thing of the past and you are not only being kind to your clothes, but also to your washing machine, your skin and to the world. The tiny, pre-measured plastic-free detergent strips easily fit in your cupboard (and in your suitcase when you go on holiday) and you always put just enough in the washing machine.

LIV+LINN is the Dutch sister of Tru Earth. The strips are exactly the same as the Tru Earth laundry strips, but have a different packaging and are cheaper!