About the brand: OH MY GUM!

Malak - OH MY GUM!'s founder - was horrified when she found out that chewing gum was made of plastic. To change this, she decided to bring OH MY GUM! on the market: chewing gum made with natural chicle (tree sap from the sapodilla tree). That’s why OH MY GUM! is biodegradable and planet-friendly.

OH MY GUM! is super tasty, plant-based chewing gum packages in plastic-free and recyclable bag-friendly boxes designed to minimise waste. But it is much more than just chewing gum... It is a fashion must-have to always have by your side. With OH MY GUM! in your pocket you're making a statement: it is chic, stylish and fashionable. Exclusive chewing gum for trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts!

The gum is vegan-friendly and made with natural zero-waste and sugar-free ingredients, like natural chicle, gum arabic, carnuba wax and natural flavours.

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