About the brand: &SISTERS

&SISTERS is the brainchild of daughter and mother duo Lucy and Claire Lettice. &SISTERS believes every woman deserves safe and sustainable period care. The natural menstrual products from &SISTERS are better for your body, for our planet and for our sisters. Mainstream menstrual products can contain up to 9 different harmful chemicals, including bleach, pesticides and fertiliser. The certified organic cotton products from &SISTERS are produced sustainable, free of chemicals, recyclable and biodegradable and the nüdie period cup is made from hypoallergenic medical silicone. Your body and the planet will thank you.

Millions of women and girls across the globe stay at home during their periods because they can’t afford period products. &SISTERS is dedicated to changing the lives of thousands of women around the world and believe that gender should never keep a girl from getting her education. Because when you educate a girl, you educate a community. &SISTERS donates 10% of their profits to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

&SISTERS is committed to ensuring that their business practices combat slavery and human trafficking in any form. They continually review all agreements and dealings with suppliers to ensure compliance with anti-slavery and human trafficking measures. &SISTERS introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct to make it clear that &SISTERS does not condone slavery or human trafficking in any way and to impose a commitment on their suppliers to expect the same high standards from them.

&SISTERS is committed to supporting our growers’ communities and the rights of all those who work in the production of our products, as well as making their delivery and packaging as carbon-light as possible. Periods are natural and &SISTERS believes their products should be too.

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