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Multi Purpose Oil

  • Chey Haircare blended only natural ingredients to create a formula which you can use in many ways to keep your hair in optimal condition. Hydrate your hair by using this multi-purpose oil as an overnight mask and bring damaged hair back to life. You can also tame your frizzy manes with only a single drop.

    Curly heads can now say bye-bye to a hard cast as you can add this multipurpose oil after your styling routine to scrunch out the crunch. Obviously it’s Curly Girl Approved.

    You can also use the multi purpose oil as a protectant from heat and harmful UV rays. Apply the oil to your hair and wait until the oil has dried. Then you can style your hair as preferred.

    This amazing multi-purpose oil contains the following ingredients:

    1. Grapeseed: adds moisture, strength and shine
    2. Sesame: protects against harmful UV rays
    3. Ginkgo: promotes hair growth
    4. Tea tree: removes buildup and reduces dandruff
    5. Ginger: soothes dryness and itching

    How to use
    Use the oil daily or when needed. Apply drops to your hair to prevent frizz and add shine. The oil can be used on wet or dry hair.

    To use as a mask: apply a few drops to your hand, rub the palms of your hands together and apply to your hair. Let is sit for at least 10 minutes or throughout the night. Rinse thoroughly when done.

    Use to remove gel cast: apply into your hair and break the cast by lightly scrunching upward.

    As pre-poo: apply to your scalp and gently massage into the skin.

    The scented multi-purpose oil is housed in a glass bottle and the parfum free in an aluminum bottle. The lid with pipette is made from glass, aluminum and rubber. The inside of the lid is made from plastic.

    Now you may be thinking: plastic? Though we are committed to selling plastic-free products, for some products we make a small exception. At present there is no suitable alternative. We recommend reusing the bottles as much as you can.

About the brand

Chey Haircare

Chey Haircare is named after it's founder: Chey Ciani. She's always had a passion for finding the right products for her own locks. She became quite known for her voluminous coupe and people kept asking for her secrets.

She has searched for years to find products that won't damage your hair and are sustainable. This resulted in her very own brand. Completely free of parabens, sillicones and sulfates. Besides that, their volume powder is the first one in the world with completely non plastic packaging.

So Chey haircare isn’t just good for creating voluminous hair, it’s also supportive of our environment!

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