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Lunchbox 3-in-1 Giant

  • Do you have a giant lunchtime appetite? In that case this lunch box is specially made for you. This stainless steel lunch box, the 3-in-1 Giant, holds an impressive 2 liters of food in three separate food containers that nest and clip together.

    The Giant, which is the largest bento in the ECOlunchbox collection, is an amazing planet-friendly, non-toxic lunch box designed to handle generous portion sizes. It's twice the size of its smaller cousin, the regular-size ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Classic, which holds 1 liter of food.

    In addition to an upper and lower part, the lunch box contains a smaller snack container. This container can be taken separately, but also fits in the top part of the lunch box. This lunch pod is also available separately.

    Because all ECOlunchbox lunch containers are made from durable, reusable materials, you can reduce your impact on the planet all while enjoying perfectly-portioned, fresh meals on-the-go.

    The stainless steel ECOlunchboxes are not leak-proof. Damp foods, such as cut fruit, hummus and other thick sauces, work well in the containers. The lids don't have any plastic gaskets or other added synthetics to create a seal. Therefore, sauces and liquids may leak.