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Insect Repellent - Khakibos

  • This insect repellent from Flawless contains a unique blend of natural essential oils, all renowned for their insect repellent properties.

    These are all incorporated into the soothing and cooling aloe vera gel base making this the perfect all natural choice to use during warm weather, when biting and stinging bugs are most active.

    The magic ingredient in the blend is Tagetes, also known as Khakibos. This is an essential oil that has been used for centuries in African countries to repel mosquitoes.

    How to use
    Pour a spoon full of the insect repellent into your palm and gently rub into your skin in an upward motion. Suitable for use on face and body and for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.

    The gel comes in recycled glass jar with aluminium lid. There is a plastic liner inside the recyclable aluminium lid which makes the jar leak proof and air tight. This also helps to preserve the product longer and protect the lid from the essential oils within the repellent. Essential oils can cause aluminium to oxidise (meaning it develops a black coating) which can spoil the product. At present there is no suitable alternative. We recommend reusing the bottles as much as you can and if you do throw them away, recycle the plastic liner separately.