Hugger Bag

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  • Use the Hugger Bag from Food Huggers to store your food or goodies! Hugger Bags are perfect for storing leftovers in the freezer or fridge as well as for snacks on the go. You can also use the Hugger Bag to protect your phone from sand at the beach or as a toiletry bag on holiday!

    Did you know that you can also use the Hugger Bag to prepare delicious dishes, for example for 'sous vide' cooking?

    The Hugger Bag is made of platinum grade silicone, which is of even higher quality than food grade silicone. Platinum silicone is a super strong material that can be used endlessly. This means it can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher or in a pan of boiling water!

    The Hugger Bag's non-porous silicone surface helps inhibit germ growth, such as bacteria and fungi.

    The HuggerBag is designed to make things easy for you. They stand upright, are easy to close, fill, pour from, clean and dry. Attention! When it comes to liquids, Hugger Bags work great in the fridge for things like sauce, soup and gravy, but because of the closing mechanism, the Hugger Bag is not completely leak-proof and liquids should not be taken in the car or in your backpack.