Muslin Swaddle Blankets

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Colour: Bird/Slate (Blue)
Bird/Slate (Blue)
Bunny/Dandelion (Green)
Shell/Stone (Pink)

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  • These soft, organic baby blankets from ImseVimse are made of organic cotton. The blankets are made of an airy and comfortable muslin fabric. This is the perfect blanket to cuddle up with, use them in the crib, stroller or swaddling the baby. The blankets make a wonderful gift for the new-born and its parents!``

    Muslin blankets are very versatile and, being made from woven gauze, they get softer and softer after every wash. The nature of the material also makes it breathable and cool, as well as keeping your baby warm when needed. Muslin blankets are extremely durable and long-lasting.

    The blankets come in three different colour combinations:

    1. Blue blankets with birds and slates
    2. Green blankets with bunnies and dandelions
    3. Pink blankets with shells and stones

About the brand


ImseVimse's story started 30 years ago when founder Marie Walleberg, in a desperate search for a cure for her daughter's diaper rash, found the soothing magic of cloth diapering. And just like that, her daughter's painful rash disappeared. When Marie realized that organic cotton cloth diapers were the solution to her childs diaper exzema, she decided to let more people share the insight.

Imse believes that many people choose disposable menstrual protection without thinking that there are alternatives. Or that those alternatives have economic as well as health and environmental benefits. Imse would like to change that. Therefore Imse develops products that are both environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at.

ImseVimse's vision is to be part of making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception. Their contribution to that is reusable hygiene products in organic cotton.

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