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Reusable Panty Liners - Workout

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  • Feel secure during workout sessions with ImseVimse’s leakproof reusable panty liners. The washable panty liners keep you dry and comfortable during workout sessions, thanks to the top layer of functional material that effectively removes moisture and keeps the skin dry. Works equally well at the gym, on a run or during yoga class and the workout pads are also a life saver in case of light leakage during exercise. The reusable panty liners are soft and flexible for a full range of movement! Perfect to wear separately or in combination with a menstrual cup.

    The reusable panty liners by Imse Vimse are washable at 60°C, which is guaranteed to remove bacteria and odour.

    The reusable panty liners by Imse are made of the following fabrics:

    1. Top layer: polyester
    2. Absorbing layer: organic cotton
    3. Leakproof layer: polyester laminated with polyurethane
    4. Bottom layer: organic cotton

    The workout pads are available in two different sizes:

    1. Small: panty liner absorbs up to 15ml of fluid and has wings that are folded around the panty and fastened with a small button.
    2. Mini: panty liner absorbs up to 5ml of fluid and has no wings and no button, a very discreet protection. The mini panty liners work best with close-fitting panties.

    The washable panty liners contain certified PUL (polyurethane laminate polyester) making them leak-proof. You’re probably thinking: polyester, isn’t that plastic? That's right, but the amount of plastic that is used is very small compared to single-use sanitary pads and is reused over and over again. PUL ensures that the reusable pads are leak-free. We have not yet found a suitable alternative. You do? Please let us know!

    Read our blog ‘Go with the flow: sustainable menstruation’ tips and find out what menstrual products you can use when you’re switching to a more sustainable lifestyle!

About the brand


ImseVimse's story started 30 years ago when founder Marie Walleberg, in a desperate search for a cure for her daughter's diaper rash, found the soothing magic of cloth diapering. And just like that, her daughter's painful rash disappeared. When Marie realized that organic cotton cloth diapers were the solution to her childs diaper exzema, she decided to let more people share the insight.

Imse believes that many people choose disposable menstrual protection without thinking that there are alternatives. Or that those alternatives have economic as well as health and environmental benefits. Imse would like to change that. Therfore, Imse develops hygiene products that are practical and reusable and at the same time wants to contribute to more transparency and knowledge about menstruation. ImseVimse's vision is to be part of making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception.

ImseVimse makes products like reusable panty liners, reusable sanitary pads, tampons, period underwear, cleansing wipes, cotton pads and nursing pads. ImseVimse products are gentle on skin and the environment, and because they are washable, they can be used countless times. ImseVimse's products are not packed in plastic, but in FSC-certified cardboard.

ImseVimse understands that the longer a product can be used, the fewer resources we need to extract from the earth to make new ones. All of ImseVimse's cotton products contain 100% organic cotton. Respecting the workers in the cotton fields, as well as wildlife and nature, ImseVimse chooses certified organic cotton. ImseVimse offers non-toxic products - which can be worn safely against the skin.

ImseVimse takes into account the distance between its central warehouse and the production site. ImseVimse's products are produced mainly in Latvia and in Turkey. Turkey, because organic cotton grows there. Organic cotton cannot be grown in Sweden so local production is unfortunately not possible.

In 2022, the ImseVimse brand split into the Imse brand for reusable hygiene products and the Vimse brand for sustainable children's products.

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