Growing Pencil

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  • A pencil that blooms! Writing has never been so beautiful. Plant the leftover pencil in the ground and it will grow flowers, herbs or vegetables.

    These Sprout World pencils are made from sustainable wood, graphite and clay making them safe for humans and animals. They are available with the following natural non-toxic seeds: forget-me-nots, cherry tomatoes, thyme, basil, carnations, coriander, daisies, sunflowers, sage and chia.

    The cardboard sleeves that come with the pencils are made from sustainable certified quality paper and printed with water-based ink.

    How to use

    1. Use a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom. Place it on a saucer and fill with moist potting soil.
    2. Plant at a 30-degree angle with only the seed capsule (the green top) covered in soil.
    3. Water often in saucer to keep moist.
    4. Place the pot in natural light but avoid direct sunlight. A temperature of 20°C is ideal.
    5. Within 1 till 4 weeks, fresh plants will sprout.

    Add water, sunlight and love and the trees will keep on growing.