Buy or give a sustainable summer gift - Get inspired with out insider tips

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Looking for a way to make a positive impact next summer? Then buy or give someone a Zo Zero summer kit! Zo Zero put together the most beautiful sustainable gift packages for you.

Find out what to look out for when it comes to sustainability, price, variety and more. We will give you tips on eco-friendly gifts that are meaningful and make a lasting difference in the world.

Must haves for your summer package

When buying a summer package, it is important to think about your needs. Before buying, think carefully about what you want or need in your summer kit.

Are there certain products you like? Do you want to try something new again? Or are you looking for a nice gift to cheer someone up?

It doesn't matter who you want to surprise with a summer kit by mail, as long as it is filled with sustainable products.

All our other gift packages are also filled with eco-friendly products, like the ‘Stunning Shaving Kit’ with a classic safety razor. Or would you rather give your friend a ‘Brilliant Bathroom Kit’ as a gift?

All the cosmetic and body care products you buy at Zo Zero are composed of natural ingredients. This means, no toothpaste with micro-plastics or shampoos with silicones or animal based ingredients.

Sustainable alternatives are available for all these raw materials. When assembling the summer kits, Zo Zero also pays close attention to the packaging. No plastic shampoo bottle but a soap bar in a box made of recycled cardboard!

Decide on what you want to spend in advance and don't always go for the cheapest option. Often, higher-quality products are better and also last longer, which often means it is cheaper in the long run too.

If you can, check out reviews from previous customers to learn from their experiences with products. By doing your research, you will certainly end up giving the best summer kit as a gift.

Summer kits with sustainable products increasingly popular

When buying a summer kit, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products. Zo Zero customers also consider the packaging of the summer kits very important.

Many companies use single-use plastic to package their products. If you want to reduce this plastic waste, look for companies that use eco-friendly packaging. Zo Zero works with recyclable packaging and packaging without plastics.

When buying a summer kit, choose sustainable materials like organic cotton and bamboo. These materials have a much lower carbon footprint than non-sustainable materials such as plastics. Also consciously choose fabrics made with natural fragrances and dyes, as this is better for people's health and the environment.

Zo Zero has already done all the thinking for you, so it doesn’t get easier than this! At Zo Zero you will mainly find products that are plastic-free. They make an exception for some products for which no good alternatives are available yet. In Zo Zero’s opinion, these are currently the most sustainable options.

You can read exactly what Zo Zero stands for on their Zo Zero Impact page.

Wrap your summer kit in an original and meaningful way and make your sustainable gift as personal as possible. Avoid plastic materials by replacing them with paper, linen or burlap. You can use boxes that are beautifully decorated with eco labels or surprise someone with a gift wrapped in a handmade burlap bag. Everyone enjoys receiving a sustainable gift, especially if it is creatively and personally wrapped.

This way, someone can enjoy the sustainable gift and the message behind it.

Where do the products of your summer kit come from

If you are looking for a nice summer kit, why not choose a sustainable one? Putting together the perfect summer kit has never been easier. At Zo Zero, you will find fully assembled summer kits, so you can be sure that your gift contains responsibly sourced products.

When choosing summer kits, it is important to understand where a product came from, the production process and how the product will help reduce waste. It is necessary to be critical when buying your sustainable products. Choose products with a low environmental impact, preferably made locally from recyclable raw materials.

It is also important to focus on sustainable production methods, such as organic farming or fair trade. This way, you also contribute to a better environment and give a special gift!

Giving back to nature

Are you looking for a gift for yourself or someone else? Choose something that also gives back to nature. Think of contributing to the survival of animals or plants, or get a subscription to a landscape association.

It’s also fun to give garden kits or growing seeds as a gift. Or what do you think of the Bloom Your Message growing cards to let your message grow? We can all enjoy the benefits of giving back to nature.

Who is the lucky receiver of your summer gift?

Surprise someone with a nice gift! A movie night out, a walk in the woods or a picnic in the park. Or send someone a summer gift package with all her favourite products.

Zo Zero offers so many great gifts that we can imagine it’s hard to choose. In that case, go for Zo Zero's sustainable gift voucher! In this way your friend can put together her own sustainable summer kit.

We can create awareness by giving sustainable gifts and thereby showing others the available eco-friendly alternatives. As a consumer, you make the biggest difference by buying eco-friendly and sustainable products and brands, and you can be part of that change!

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