Green Friday

Why don’t we take part in Black Friday?

We won’t be participating in the Black Friday craze. Black Friday is an American shopping frenzy that (unfortunately) also reached the Netherlands around 2015. Stores offer their products with big discounts, but in the end there is always someone who pays the price. Usually not the stores that offer these discounts.

Black Friday encourages people to buy products they don't need at all and is therefore completely opposed to conscious consumption. Unnecessary use of raw materials, huge amounts of waste, underpaid staff working hard in poor conditions, and small entrepreneurs taking the hit is the downside of these 'bargains'.

Because we're taking part in Green Friday!

Make a positive impact by adopting a tree to protect the Amazon rainforest. We will take care of the adoption for you. After the Green Friday weekend you will receive a certificate of the tree that you adopted!

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